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Re: [IP] popcorn TO SYLVIA

Sylvia - I was just wondering.. what pump is Josh using that he isn't able
to do a dual wave or square wave bolus?  I use the Paradigm and love that
option.. especially with popcorn - if I don't use it I end up high after
about 6 hours.
Just wondering....
Lori (from Clifton Park, NY)
DXD 2/27/97, Pumping with my Blue Paradigm since 9/3/2002
>   As with anything that might have a higher fat content (butter, etc) you
> might try a dual wave or extended bolus.  *****We don't have these
funtions so
> what we do for Joshua (age 11) is bolus for about half the carbs now and
> other half 1-2 hours later.*****  Or, if we forget to finidh then when we
> his BGs a few hours later we can just do a correction.  This is safer than
> taking the chance of a hypo.
> Sylvia
> mom to Joshua
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