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RE: [IP] Deltec Chat....

Hi Jenny,
Will try to join the chat at that time. I am from Australia and I have
attempted to contact Deltec to get some info on availability, cost etc.
Unfortuneatly their web site only permits American addresses to be entered,
however I have given them my correct e-mail address on both occasions that I
have attempted to contact them with no reply. With these questions, if you
are in contact with the Rep in advance of the chat would you enquire for me
as to availability in other countries, cost etc.

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We're all set for the 27th of January for the Deltec chat! I only got 3
questioners from the whole list, so I guess with those being addressed,
it'll also be an Open forum about the Deltec Cosmo.

Be sure to join us in the Guest chat on the 27th at 9 pm EST and have a
yak with Deltec!

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Jenny Sutherland
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