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Re: [IP] Skydiving with the pump (an OLD memory)

On 1/21/03 1:48 PM, "email @ redacted" <email @ redacted> wrote:

> The parachute manufacturer liked my work so much he offered to let me 'jump'
> using one his 'super-safety-baby-enabled-self-opening' chutes!!  When I asked
> my doctor (who had put me on the pump) he told me to find a NEW doctor before
> I jumped because he would quit the case if I was stupid enough to do this (the
> pumps back then had a LOT of problems running WITHOUT any outside special G
> forces or anything else - ask one of us old timers WHY the pump companies all
> advertise that THEIR pumps CAN'T run-away).

I'd rather not answer that one.  Boy was that scary.
> Let me know how the jump goes (I've 'aged' too much since then to try now ->
> my wife would probably behead me if I suggested it).

My husband would probably say go for it but make damn sure if something goes
wrong you don't survive this one.  <vbg>

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