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Re: [IP] re: excercise thing - the joys of being diabetic

> My daughter plays ice hockey and she is always "high" after practice
> or game.  The nurse told me not to correct the high unless she is
> still high 2 hours later. Teresa mom of Emily

You can figure it out by looking at her bg profile for game days. If 
she routinely spikes then you can correct accordingly before or 
during the game. I assume she takes her pump off because hockey is a 
contact sport. Perhaps adjusting her pre, mid, post insulin can 
flatten the spike. I'd guess she probably runs lower for hours after 
the game if her basals are not lowered. Lily typically would lower 
her basals (particularly night time) on tournament weekends.
Again, it's a YMMV thing. Looking at the bg records can help develop 
a strategy for keeping bg's in line. You daughter will get superior 
performance from her body and better stamina if she can keep bgs in 
the "good-ole" 80-150 range.

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