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Re: [IP] re: excercise thing - the joys of being diabetic

> Please enlighten me if anyone has the answers to the exercise
> phenomenon! I went ice skating last night before I was 88 (perfect)
> took no insulin and no food came home 1hour after and was at 350!!
> what is that all about. I also go to the gym 3x a week and noticed
> the same thing happening.
Insulin is required for muscle tissue to metabolize glucose. If you 
don't have adequate blood insulin levels and your body gets "hungry", 
then your standby sytem signals for the liver to dump glucose, 
and..... you go high. It doesn't always work this way, the hormonal 
system plays a role in determining what happens, but the bottom line 
is that for certain kinds of exercise and circumstances, you need 
extra insulin. My daughter used to see this before soccer 
tournaments, but not practices or scrimmages. The tension of a 
"real" match seemed to change the need for the extra insulin. She 
would do and extra unit (or whatever worked at the time) and get on 
with it. It is definetly a YMMV thing for each individual and 
circumstance, but you can chart it, measure it, and compensate 
accordingly. Aren't pumps grand ???  :-)

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