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Re: [IP] Female stuff...

--- Sue <email @ redacted> wrote:
> My endo says there is no way I was
> diabetic more than a month
> before I was diagnosed but I can go back over my
> life there were periods of
> times where I had some of the same symptoms. 
I had symptoms at least five years before dx. I tried
for a couple years to find out why I had a low grade
fever(99 to 99.7) and swollen glands. After 5 doctors,
most telling me a didn't have a fever since it wasn't
over 100, and suggesting it was in my head, I quit
trying to find out. I had numerous episodes of not
seeing clearly, miscarriage and various infections. At
36 diabetes finally came out of the closet.  Lost 15
lbs in 2 weeks, lost a lot of hair, thought I was
going blind, and had numerous female complaints. Dx
myself with a 753 BS and checked into the hospital.
Actually I was glad I finally found out what was wrong
with me. meg.

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