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[IP] re: excercise thing - the joys of being diabetic

Please enlighten me if anyone has the answers to the exercise phenomenon! I
went ice skating last night before I was 88 (perfect) took no insulin and no
food came home 1hour after and was at 350!! what is that all about. I also
to the gym 3x a week and noticed the same thing happening.

- --

You sure you are not going low and rebounding? Or maybe your liver is
spilling out sugar for what ever reason? Just a couple ides, I actually have
no idea and am figuring out all this exercise stuff out myself. I seem to
need less insulin after  during and after cardio, and I thought  my sugar
went up after lifting weights, but today it went down:S So I am just gonna
keep on top of it and take my sugar, before, durin and after exercise. Joy
oh Joy lol
Tami in Tucson

I actually asked the Nurse educator at my Dr's office today and she told me 
that maybe my muscles are letting off sugar??? has anyone heard of this before?
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