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Re: [IP] testing non-diabetics

Thats exactly what they were doing, they were helping here create a meal plan and exercise plan and all, BUT she just wasn't going along with it.  She figured they should give her pills(or something) to totally "cure" it so she can just ignore it.  She follows the plan now(well pretty much) it was simple things like adding protien at meals and snacks to level out the sugars effect.  Not eating too, too much sugar at once and so on.  It wasn't like eat 1/2 a cup of this at this time and then 3/4 cup of that.  Just small things to help her out.  She does these things know and sugars are good, and she's taking all the pills too.  She is the type(and says so herself) that you don't go to the docs unless your near death.  It took alot of convincing that this was worthy of a visit.  For her seeing a dietican, and nurse is a waste of her time and theirs.
She's excepted the fact that she's got type 2, and is doing great with it.  I'm not saying she depriving herself of the good stuff.  We often sit down in the afternoon and eat choclate and chips, she knows she  still can, just in moderation now.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> No, they're *supposed* to help her fit diabetes into her 
> lifestyle, which 
> includes helping her accommodate the foods she likes into her meal 
> plans -- 
> NOT tell her what to eat and when, which destines anybody except 
> for an 
> obsessive-compulsive automaton to failure. We have tools today 
> that help us 
> fit in whatever foods we like to eat. Those tools are there to be 
> used.
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