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RE: [IP] Skydiving and the pump???

At 09:44 AM 1/21/03, you wrote:
>Brian C [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:
> > I would not recommend wearing the pump while on the jump.
> > changing in the
> > pressure of the pump and cartridge chamber can give you a
> > large bolus..
>I don't see how altitude change would affect the pump.  It's not a sealed
>environment, so all parts of the system will be at the same ambient air
>pressure at the same time.  And liquid is not compressible, so that would
>not have any effect.
>Jim Handsfield

That's why Disetronic put the two little holes in the cap on the H-Tron 
Plus, to help even out the air pressure in the cartridge area.

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