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Re: [IP] Skydiving and the pump???

On 1/21/03 11:00 AM, "Michael" <email @ redacted> wrote:

>> Has anyone ever been skydiving while wearing their pump?  I have
>> been twice before (neither with the pump) and I was just wondering
>> if I should be worried about it.  I am going again in two weeks and
>> had a couple of questions.  Both times that I have been it was about
>> an hour and a half from the time I put the suit on, got on the
>> plane, flew up and then jumped, landed and got the suit off and for
>> me that equals about 2.7 units of insulin.  Also, it is really,
>> really cold in the air when you jump out until you are about 1,000
>> feet from the ground and I was wondering if that could be a problem
>> as well? 

When I was on a pump 20 plus years ago I would go snow skiing and did not
have a problem with my blood sugars.  I also had the pump tucked away under
my clothing.  Also in the summers here in AZ I've never had a problem with
the heat and am outside a lot in the heat since I love it so much.  I never
have my pump directly in the sun.  My experience has been if you protect the
pump and keep it directly away from the elements one "should" be OK.

Like Michael said I would definitely have your pump inside your suit.  I
have bought new motorcycle gear that is quite padded so I put the pump
inside incase I were to go down again me and pump would be very protected.

I don't know abut that scientific stuff Michael is referring too, but other
than that I say go for it.  I've always wonted to try Sky Diving but I think
I would have to be pushed out of the airplane.  :-)  And with my luck I
would probably land on my face and still survive!  :-)

Have FUN,
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