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[IP] Batteries (357s to be exact)

The last two times I ordered batteries from the internet I got them bulk
through http://www.wholesaleadvantage.com which I found on my own and then
saw the link on Insulin Pumpers.  The batteries were $0.89 each and had
reasonable shipping charges.  However, sometime over the past year they went
under and their supply was bought out by Unique Photo and the price of the
batteries are now $1.10 each.

Since I have to pay for my own batteries, I always want to find a good deal.
Well I think I just did!  I found a place that ONLY sells SR44W batteries or
Silver Oxide 357s as we know them more as.  The guy gets them in super bulk
quantities and then divides them out into smaller quantities so the more you
buy the better the deal.  He also offers free shipping in the US.  So I took
a chance and ordered 50 for $19.95 (~ $0.40 each).  They arrived today (6
days after ordering) and are as advertised Silver Oxide Energizer 357s.
They came in plastic trays of 10 with paper taped around them so they aren't
individually wrapped as we would normally expect.  If anyone is interested
the address of the place is http://www.sr44.com .  I'd also be happy to send
a picture of the trays if requested. The only catch is that they only accept
PayPal for payment.   For those of you who use Ebay I am sure you already
have an account, but basically you connect a credit card or bank account to
a paypal account and pay through there.  This allows small businesses and
individuals to be payed by credit card.

Let me know if you have any questions, and I will let you know what happens
when I use them for the first time.  I am due for a change sometime in the
next 3 weeks.

-- Sherry
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