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Re: [IP] spam thru the pumpers list?

On 21 Jan 2003 at 10:23, James Canning <email @ redacted> wrote:

> I got an email at the address I use ONLY for the IP list. It's a web
> page from apparently "email @ redacted" and the first part of the
> HTML message, in a text editor, refers to "www.travelagentpromos.com"
> and so forth.
> Some spammer appears to have picked my name from the IP membership
> list. This is not supposed to be possible - how else might they have
> gotten my name?
> In addition, it comes with a file named "VITAMINS.***", Zone Alarm has
> quarantined this by changing the prefix to ".zl9"
> My mail program doesn;t let me see if it came from the IP listserver
> or not, darnit.
> Just to say something on topic, isn;t the weather the pits?! For those
> of us in upstate NY at least. I think my BGs go up from just seeing
> more snow falling-

Snow falls and Bgs go up?  Glad I live in Texas!    ;>)

It wasn't a "spammer" that got your address, James, or the list-server.  It was another 
member of the list that DIDN'T have an Anti-Virus program running on their computer.  
The virus dug out all the addresses it could find and yours was one of them.  I received 
that virus the other day and it was probably from the same person/computer.   The 
Admins work in the background to help these poor souls with their problem, but it would 
be so much easier on us if EVERYONE had an A-V program running and up-to-date!  I'm 
glad to hear that you had Zone Alarm running and it caught this for you.  Now, won't 
EVERYONE ELSE do the same???

btw, the post looks so much like Spam with a valid website and all, I think many have 
been fooled by this.  DON'T be one of them!  Run an ANTI-VIRUS program!!
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