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Re: [IP] Skydiving and the pump???

> Has anyone ever been skydiving while wearing their pump?  I have
> been twice before (neither with the pump) and I was just wondering
> if I should be worried about it.  I am going again in two weeks and
> had a couple of questions.  Both times that I have been it was about
> an hour and a half from the time I put the suit on, got on the
> plane, flew up and then jumped, landed and got the suit off and for
> me that equals about 2.7 units of insulin.  Also, it is really,
> really cold in the air when you jump out until you are about 1,000
> feet from the ground and I was wondering if that could be a problem
> as well?  I am probably just being over cautious, but it never hurts
> to ask. Thanks! ~Erin

hmmm.... the only thing I can think of that might be a problem is the 
rapid pressure changes. The change of volume of any bubbles in the 
system could potentially cause fluctuations in insulin delivery. i.e. 
expansion + delivery during the climb then no delivery (not a 
problem) after the drop until the system equalizes. Also, you 
definetly would not want anything hanging outside your jumpsuit. 
heh... heh... imagine getting the tubing caught on a halyard  -- 
I don't think the tubing is quite that stretchy :-))

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