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Re: [IP] Female stuff...

"meg teg" email @ redacted wrote:  I had been having for years very
light, 2-3 day periods.(Thought things just changed like that) First cycle
after dx and insulin I was having periods like when I was 13yrs old again.
7-10 days

This goes along with my last post on this subject about menopause year early
at the age of 43  even though I was not diagnosed until I was 52. In my 30+-
years of having periods I was clock work but they were never more than 3
days - except my very last one that was 10 days. It took me 5 years to get
pregnant. My endo says there is no way I was diabetic more than a month
before I was diagnosed but I can go back over my life there were periods of
times where I had some of the same symptoms. A number of times I went
through periods  where for no apparent reason my fingers and toes would
cramp into weird positions. I had almost forgotten about those cramps until
they started again last January and my endo attributed them to D. I know I
have had problems with hypoglycemia caused by exercise or by alcohol
consumption. The more I read on this site the more curio it becomes.

Sue (Memphis)
Dx 01/29/02
Cozmo Pumping 01/07/03
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