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RE: [IP] Female stuff...

--- Amy Finnerty <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Ashley,
> I am 31 and have had Type I for 13 years. My husband
> and I would love to
> have a child (we've been married 7 years) and I am
> ........
 I tried getting pregnant for about 6 years, then I
was dx with type 1, 6 months later I got pregnant and
had my son at the age of 36 ,after being married 15
years. The doctor said that diabetes is a cause of
infertility. So actually I was glad to find out what
the problem was. An interesting fact was the change in
my periods. I had been having for years very light,
2-3 day periods.(Thought things just changed like
that) First cycle after dx and insulin I was having
periods like when I was 13yrs old again. 7-10 days
 Had my second child, a daughter,at 41. Both high risk
due to age and diabetes. Both C-sections and
healthy.Now 14 and 9 and free of diabetes so far. And
be sure to breastfeed.The best thing you can do for
your baby.meg 

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