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RE: [IP] Skydiving and the pump???

Bob Hillier" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Animas sent me an addemndum to their instruction to not just suspend the
> pump on things lik erollercoasters, but to disconnect altogether.

Really?  Interesting.  I've ridden 100's of roller coasters, literally
thousands of times, with the pump (HTron and now DTron).  Not a single
problem.  (Including a week-long tour of parks in the UK (see
http://www.gregleg.com/coastershrine/Europe/ if you're curious), which was
absolutely incredible, and I can't wait until the next such tour.  The next
one will probably be Mexico City in Spring 2004, with talk of Japan at some
point after that...)

But I digress...

I wouldn't think the forces encountered on a typical roller coaster would be
enough to affect the pump (especially modern ones, which for all their
height and speed usually actually put you through LESS forces than many
older ones, due to sweeping curves and computer modeling).  I've ridden some
of the most extreme rides out there with no problems.

I use a Clip-N-Go to hold my pump, tucking it into a pocket (still clipped
to the belt) on rides that cause a lot of direction changes (spin-n-barfs
for the most part).  That is more than enough to keep the pump "secure".

As for skydiving, the other consideration would be pressure differential,
which other members have addressed.  I would also point out that while not
quite as rapid, the pressure differential encountered by skiiers or
snowboarders is also pretty large at times, again with no problems.

--Greg, who hasn't gone skydiving.  Yet...  ;-)
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