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Re: [IP] Female Stuff

A correlation has been established between Type I and
female "stuff".  Type I's experience menopause on
average 10 years earlier than non-diabetics.  There
are other associated problems, but I can't remember
them off the top of my head other than the menopause

In my own PERSONAL experience - I have a 6-week cycle.
 Always have.  It also took me over 9 months to get
pregnant with my son.  This slight infertility more
than likely runs in the family since only one other
sister (of 4 of us) has ever been pregnant and only
with the aid of fertility drugs.

Type I absolutely puts you in the "high risk
pregnancy" category.  There are many stressors
associated with pregnancy that exacerbate diabetes. 
Kidneys, blood sugars, hormonal shifts, eyes (increase
in blood volume), etc.  Now, there is nothing that
says anything bad WILL happen - it's just that you
must be aware of the risks associated with pregnancy
and take as good of care of yourself as possible to
minimize the risks to your own health.

Type I's NOT in control during pregnancy have a higher
risk of fetal death in utero during the last few weeks
of full term pregnancy.  Another reason to stay in as
tight of control as possible!!

-gail in denver
Dx'd T1 02/14/72 @ age 11, pumping since 1985-ish,
voracious reader of all sorts of useless facts.

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