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Re: [IP] Emla Cream

<Jan wrote:
I have to apply the Emla in about a 4" strip on both sides (outgoing
and incoming) of the loop. How long does the numbing last?>

Jan the Lidoderm patches are 5.6" x 4" and can be cut into strips to cover the area you need. It generally is used for pain relief with shingles and left on for 12 hours a day, however, you should be starting to get some topical effects in 30 mins and probably have similar effect to ELMA by 2 hours. I can get a sample  for you to try. BTW, our local pharmacy has EMLA cream, 5 gram tubes in packs of 5 are $70 (without insurance). They did not see any reason that someone with a prescription could not get it. I will try to check on it for you.
Squeeze those tubes dry in  the meantime!

Joann, Mom to Cara, 17, Type 1 diagnosed 2/97, pumping since 3/98.
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