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Re: [IP] spam thru the pumpers list?

At 08:23 AM 1/21/2003, you wrote:
>I got an email at the address I use ONLY for the IP list. It's a web page 
>from apparently "email @ redacted" and the first part
>of the HTML message, in a text editor, refers to 
>"www.travelagentpromos.com" and so forth.
>Some spammer appears to have picked my name from the IP membership list. 
>This is not supposed to be possible - how else
>might they have gotten my name?
>In addition, it comes with a file named "VITAMINS.***", Zone Alarm has 
>quarantined this by changing the prefix to ".zl9"
>My mail program doesn;t let me see if it came from the IP listserver or 
>not, darnit.
>Just to say something on topic, isn;t the weather the pits?! For those of 
>us in upstate NY at least. I think my BGs go up from just
>seeing more snow falling-
>email @ redacted
>Buckle Up!  It makes it harder for the aliens to suck you out of your car

Some Spammers have programs that once they find a domain name they randomly 
send out messages to try to find addresses that are deliverable.  This 
could be one of those cases.  I suggest getting a program called MailWasher 
which will allow you to bounce messages back to make it look like your 
address is "bad".

There are several other ways that this could happen which are beyond your 
control, such as maybe an infected member with a virus used your address as 
a spoof and you email was harvested from that message.  And other ways like 

Brian Carter
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