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Re: [IP] My One Week Anniversary

Congrats to you.

That brings up a good point--  I have been diabetic for 37 years and I am
now age 39
I had a double by pass at the age of 35 and at that time I really wanted a
NO ONE would help me in getting one.  All the Endo's I saw would tell me I
need to be in better control, to get a pump.
Sooo I get my HgbA1c to 8.1, still not good enough.

When I was told I was losing my insurance this past Dec., finally they got
me one and I start next week. (scared after reading all these emails) but
excited too.
What is the deal?!?
After 37 years, I think I know about this disease and yet the pump was hung
out there like a carrot.  I could never do good enough--and come to find
out-- it was not me-- it was the disease--now go figure (ha)

Tracy in Green Bay

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> Today is the one week anniversary of me starting Pump Therapy. I can't
> believe the difference in how I feel now. I can't believe that it took me
> long to find someone that would help me get a pump! I can't believe that I
> gonna have another baby!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH! Everyone wish me luck at my docs
> appointment tomorrow. I will be having another ultrasound and these always
> excite me and make me incredibly nervous too!!
> Melissa
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