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RE: [IP] Female stuff...


I am 31 and have had Type I for 13 years. My husband and I would love to
have a child (we've been married 7 years) and I am currently working toward
getting tight control over my sugars and losing some weight. I can't say
anything about the anorexia and infrequent periods, but I can tell you that
my Obgyn was told me that I would be a high risk pregnancy (I think most
diabetics are)and that I too feel frustrated and alienated from the rest of
my female friends. Most of my college friends have two or more children now
and many of them are always asking me when we will have one, it has come to
the point where I don't call them very much anymore. I also feel completely
alienated in church, where woman in their 30's are supposed to be teaching
their children's CCD (sunday school) classes and I feel like everyone is
looking at my husband and I and wondering why we don't have a child. I KNOW
this is in my head and that they really aren't even thinking of us at all (I
also know that the world DOES NOT revolve around me - just like my mom
always said!), but it doesn't make me feel any better. I have found that
finding a friend to talk to has really helped. I have a colleage/friend at
work who had a horrible time conceiving (not diabetic but her husband was
just diagnosed Type II), she has been a great strength to me and listens to
all my frustrations! Find someone to talk to and share your feelings with -
that may help some. Hang in there, what is supposed to happen will!
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