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[IP] spam thru the pumpers list?

I got an email at the address I use ONLY for the IP list. It's a web page from apparently "email @ redacted" and the first part 
of the HTML message, in a text editor, refers to "www.travelagentpromos.com" and so forth.

Some spammer appears to have picked my name from the IP membership list. This is not supposed to be possible - how else 
might they have gotten my name?

In addition, it comes with a file named "VITAMINS.***", Zone Alarm has quarantined this by changing the prefix to ".zl9"

My mail program doesn;t let me see if it came from the IP listserver or not, darnit.

Just to say something on topic, isn;t the weather the pits?! For those of us in upstate NY at least. I think my BGs go up from just 
seeing more snow falling-

email @ redacted
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