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[IP] Re: Clicking pump

> I too prefer the slower delivery, it can be annoying if you bolus
>  and then want to go in the menu right away, but really it only
> takes like 1-2 minutes at most.

On a 6-unit bolus, it takes 5 minutes to deliver. If I want to go into the
menu right away, I just stop it and do what I want, which is usually
reprogram it for a dual or square wave. The slowness gives me that chance to
change it. ;-)

> The clicking noise used to keep me up at night
> as it did for my roommates until they got used to it. I never did!

That must have been a pretty high basal to keep someone up at night. I'm on
0.6 basal from midnight - 6:00 a.m. meaning it clicks every 10 minutes. I'm
asleep by then and I know some keep it under their pillows. That can muffle
it if need be.

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