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Re: [IP] allergic reaction

> all this talk about being allergic has me wondering if anyone else has a
> problem like mine.  I can wear a site for 3 days with no allergic reaction
> as long as it's inserted in my belly BELOW my waist.  Now, if I try to
> a site ABOVE my waist, it's all red and itchy.  I haven't heard anyone
> that problem so thought I'd ask.  Maybe I'm just the odd one???
> Lea
> Freezing in Indiana...

Nope - I'm odd, too. (bet you couldn't figure *that* out) lol  I often get
that sensation when above the beltline. I do go there very much, but it can
drive one crazy if sensitive there.

Also freezing in north-central Indiana. brrrrrrrrrrr

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