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RE: RE: [IP] Skydiving and the pump???

Summer [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> I think it would, at least with a pardigm, at least that was 
> my understanding as to why the pump can only go up to 8 feet 
> deep cause the change of pressure can do "stuff",  I'd call 
> the company and ask them, the last thing you want to happen 
> is for your pump to bolus all your insulin when your way up 
> there floating down, unless of course you carry you diabetes 
> stuff with you hehe  I can just picture you floating down 
> with a 20 pound back back of suplies hehe

If you call the company chances are they will say no as a CYA measure.  An
eight foot water depth corresponds to an pressure change much greater than
would be required even for a sixty second freefall (12,500 feet with a 2,000
foot opening altitude).  If this kind of altitude change affected a pump,
then there would be warnings about flying commercially where cabin pressure
is typically kept at around 9,000 feet.

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted
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