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RE: [IP] Female stuff...

Hi Ashley,

 She said I'd be a high risk pregnancy.
	All female diabetics are considered high risk when they have diabetes.

For those in the same situation, do your children have diabetes?
	My son has type II but he is also overweight and is working on losing that.

I feel so excluded from the female population because of this, and some
advice and support from others may help me not feel so alienated.
	Ashley, why do you feel excluded from the female population?  There are
many non diabetics out there who can't conceive for one reason or another or
who can't carry a child to full term.
	I have two healthy, normal children and when I was pregnant, there were no
glucose monitors and no such thing as a1c's.
	Went to a regular ob and internist and they kept me very well under control
and on a very strict diet.
	I went through my "wild thing period" when I was a teenager and I'm sure
that did nothing to help my control but I did it anyway.  We didn't know
back then what we know now.  I only wish that I did but I can't cry over
spilt milk and now take very good care of myself.
	It is most likely that after you have your child, it will be placed in ICU
for at least two to three days since the insulin still runs through the
blood and they have to monitor the child to make certain that their b.g.
doesn't go too low.
	I had both of my children early.  I went into labor with my son 3 1/2 weeks
early and wound up having a C Section.
	I had my daughter 1 month early since my diab. went a little out of control
so they took her early.
	Both were in ICU for a while but both are just fine.

	I don't think that you should feel left out or missing out on something
just because you are a female and have diabetes.  It is a disease and there
are many females out there with different types of diseases that have
children as well.

	From your messages, seems like you are going through a difficult period of
time, after all these years, facing the diabetes.  It will never be easy and
you will always face trials and tribulations.

	The trick is to always try to look on the bright side of things.  Be
grateful for glucose monitors and insulin pumps and every other wonderful
tool that has come along all these years and take good care of yourself and
you'll be just fine.

	Kathy B.
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