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RE: [IP] retinopathy anyone?

Be grateful for the sight that you do have and be certain to continue to
take good care of yourself so that it remains so.

I almost lost all of my sight in 1990 when my eyes just went haywire and
after three years of intensive laser treatment, I am now left half blind.

I was totally grateful for the vision that I have left and yes, it does get
totally frustrating at times.

I have absolutely very little perepheal vision and I drive very cautiously.
I can't see anything at night, let alone to drive unless it is very well
lit.  I have no depth perception and it is difficult for me to differentiate
colors.  Real fun when you're trying to pick out clothing or to work with
threads, etc.  But, I bring my clothes to a window where there is daylight
and have a special light bulb that is like daylight to do my needlework.

Ashley, everyday is a new pain and suffering for me in some part of my body
and after all these years of being a diabetic, I have just learned to be
grateful and thankful to God for all that I DO have and don't concentrate on
what I don't have.

You are young, enjoy life and so what if your husband has to read menu's and
you can't drive at night.  There is always someone somewhere who will pick
you up and take you places if you have to go at night.

Just think of all those people out there who are totally blind and have had
to re learn everything all over again to adjust to living life without any
sight at all...

Don't despair and always look at the glass as half full instead of half

Kathy B.
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