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RE: [IP] re: excercise thing - the joys of being diabetic

Reply from: Mike  email @ redacted

If you start exercizing with high BGs (say at 200+)you don't have enough
insulin working in your system to work better due to the exersize. The
result is your adrenine and other hormones will raise your BGs. If however
you start at normal BGs ( say a range of 80-140)or inject insulin (about
1/2 of what you would normally need to drop your BGs to 120+/-), the
exersizing will use the insulin in your system much better than it would if
you were not exersizing. 

I have a friend who would go into a very active aerobics class at 200-250.
Because he was not in good control and would often go low, he refused to
give himself insulin before the class. He'd come out with a BG of 350+/-.
Now he gives himself a partial injection and is coming out about 1/2 way to
his goal of 150. If you keep records, and adjust the dose of insulin a
little each time you work out, in time you will get to know how your body
works. Each of us is different, so each of us has to figure our own needs.

Good Luck. 

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Subject: [IP] re: excercise thing - the joys of being diabetic

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>When I do aerobic, my BGs go UP and when I do anaerobic..BGs tend to go 
down.  Why does this happen??  anyone know for sure??  I am still fighting
my BGs and basals and just can't seem to pinpoint what to do when!!! 
in the world do I have low after low while cleaning house on the
weekend...when I 
can be at 110, do aerobic excercise for an hour, then end up at 250!!!?? >


I've also read  (Understanding Insulin Dependent Diabetes) that in some
(not all) exercise will raise your blood sugar temporarily due to the
adrenaline and 
other stress hormones that are released during exercise.  Also some people
have different results depending on the time of day they workout - with
workouts raising the blood sugar and requiring some insulin vs.
workouts requiring reduced insulin.

I can only assume that cleaning house doesn't release any stress hormones
because it's more slow and steady and not as intense.  I also tend to run
after doing housework, especially vacuuming and mopping, but this was more
a problem when I was on shots.  I have stairs in my house, so I'm up and
those a lot too while I'm cleaning.

dx'd T1 3/02, pumping 8/02
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