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[IP] testing non-diabetics

I used to test my great Aunt all the time, and the numbers were always a
 little high but she didn't care then they got higher and higher, I got her to
 buy the pee test strips so she could test at home, they were always really 
dark, eventually I got mad at her and insisted she see a doctor, and told my 
cousin(30yrs) to make sure she went eventually she did BUT it took alot to 
get her to, she read books and tried "diets" but nothing was really working.. 
 She went to the doc and was diagnosed, they put her on pills and sent her 
to the diabetes clinic and she followed it for a month or so and cut back on
 the drugs( cause she didn't need all those she was cured)  when her sugars 
went back to normal, well she never told her daughter and I would always 
test her when I saw her.  The numbers went up told cousin to make her go
 in, her pills were upped( back to original dose) which I pointed out to her!!
  Well  she said"I was in denial!!" now she's pretty good, tries to eat right, 
takes pills, won't go to the diabetes clinic cause all they tell her to do is 
eat this and this at this time, which I tell her is what there supposed to 
do!  but she's doing good.

By the way just after diagnosis, she woke up put her glasses on and freaked 
out cause she was blind she went to the eye doc right away they did all sorts 
of testing and the doc came in told her to take off her glasses and read the 
chart!  She had 20/20 vision!  She'd been wearing the glasses for over 30 
years! Somehow the diabetes corrected her vision(its been know to happen
 occasionally)  over a month or so they went back to her normal vision 
though.   Her eye sight was getting worse and worse before diagnosis.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
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