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[IP] Re: female stuff..

>Also, I just got engaged and may want to have a child sooner or later.  My ob
gyn told me that maybe my ovaries are sluggish from the anorexia and diabetes,
but I could still conceive possibly.  She said I'd be a high risk pregnancy.
Are all females with diabetes high risk?  Diabetes does not run into my
family...I am the only lucky (he he) one.  For those in the same situation, do
your children have diabetes?

Ashley - I had a daughter almost 19 years ago after being diabetic for 10 
years.  I was lucky to find an endo who was interested in pregnancy and waited 
until my doctor said my A1C was good enough (actually I think it was 5.7 the 
first time he tested and he said go for it).  I got pregnant 5 days later.  I 
know at the time all diabetics were considered high risk and I think that is 
still the case.  It does have an advantage in that I think doctors are more 
cautious with us, run more tests, etc.  I saw my endo and ob together every 2 
weeks for the 1st half and every week for the 2nd half and then stress tests 
at the end.  I had really good BS the whole time (they went downhill afterward)
and that was on 2 shots a day and testing 6X/day using strips that I cut in 
quarters and read visually because my insurance wouldn't cover it and I didn't 
have much money.  My daughter was very healthy but they kept her in the high 
risk nursery for a day to be sure.  
She started college last fall and was diagnosed with diabetes in November at 
age 18.  From what I read there is a 3 - 4 % chance of becoming a Type 1 if 
your Mom is a type 1.  As devastating as her diagnosis has been for me, I 
would never wish that I hadn't had her as she is the greatest joy in my life - 
definitely worth all the trips into Washington, DC to see the doctors while I 
was pregnant! 

Type 1 - 29 years, pumping 3 1/2
and daughter, Melinda, Type 1 - 2 months, MDI (for now anyway)
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