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Re: [IP] Female stuff...

Are all females with diabetes high risk?  Diabetes does not run into my
family...I am the only lucky (he he) one.  For those in the same situation,
your children have diabetes?
I feel so excluded from the female population because of this, and some
and support from others may help me not feel so alienated.
Thank you,

Hi Ashley,
 Yes I do believe ALL diabetic women are high risk pregnancy's. I am now
trying to get pregnant myself. I do not have children(yet) but have heard
that there is a chance that my child will become diabetic, but it is a small
chance( something like 3%).
I have not had a cycle for 2 years now, not due to the diabetes or any
eating disorder, this is due to the depo prevera shot. I am in the process
of seeing a fertility specialist right now and we are trying to get my
stupid body back to ovulating. So, we all have our hurdles to overcome.
Don't feel isolated, you are not the only one in your situation, I don't
have the exact same circumstances, but I am sure some one out there is
dealing with the same issues and probably thinking they are the only one.
Good luck with your upcoming marriage. Take one step at a time and try not
to worry about the what iff's.
Tami in Tucson
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