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[IP] Fwd: Female stuff

Ashley ~

As far as my ob/gyn was concerned, all female diabetics are considered 
as a high risk pregnancy.  

I had a succesful pregnancy with my now almost 4 year old daughter.  
At the end I was going to the doctor every week for fetal stress tests 
and ultrasounds.  She was delivered by c-section weighing in at a 
healthy 8lbs., 1 oz.  She had a blood sugar of 110 at 5 minutes old.  
She is just fine now too.  For fear of her becoming diabetic, I check 
her sugar about 1ce every 3-4 months.  She knows about mommy's pump 
and knows she is not to touch it or play with the tubing.  It is just 
a part of me and she doesn't know any different anyway.  

I make sure I check her sugar after she has had a subsantial amount of 
juice, as this is pretty much how they do the glucose tolerance 
testing, but with a much more concentrated level of sugar.

You may want to also check with your eye specialist, as pregnancy can 
make a mess of your eyes all over again if your sugars go uncontrolled.

You must be in great control at least 3 months prior to getting 

Good luck to you and your future husband.

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