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[IP] My HbA1C

Jim, I think the problem is that you can't really believe either 
formula.  At best they are averages from some limited data sampling. 
In a normal population (non diabetic) the A1C varies between 4 and a 
little above 6.  That's a big range, considering that most normals 
have average BGs around 90 + or - about 10 mg/dl.  The A1C is 
multifactorial, so different metabolisms will have different effects. 
YMMV in normals too.l  So for for any diabetic with a true average of 
say 120, you can rest assured that the A1C might easily vary by a 
whole number.  Bottom line for each individual is, if you  lower your 
own a1C, you are improving your control and lessening the likelihood 
of any complications.

<<<<<<<<<<From: "Jim Benard" <email @ redacted>
I have come across 2 different calculations for converting A1C values to
a mean blood glucose.  The first is mbg = HbA1C*33.3-86 which yields a
mbg of 73.4 for an A1C of 4.8.  The second is very similar but uses
slightly different constants or mbg = HbA1c*35.6-77.3 which calculates
to a mbg of 93.5 for the same A1C value of 4.8.  I know that there can
be differences based on the lab performing the test but I am not sure
which calculation is correct.  In either case, a HbA1c of less than 6 is
absolutely wonderful and is a personal goal of mine but you must balance
the risks of being too low.  I am anxious to see how well my A1C is as I
started pumping in mid November '02.  My next appointment and A1C test
is the first week of March.
Has anyone else seen these formulas?>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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