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Re: [IP] Female stuff...

My advice would be to weigh the pros and cons at the time.
At the time I wanted to have a baby, the cons won.
Your own health must be first and if your health can support a pregnancy--go
for it.  Talk to alot of doctors and nurses both Endo and OB before making
your decision one way or the other.
Yes-- all diabetic pregnancy's are high risk

Tracy--cold here too--

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> > Also, I just got engaged and may want to have a child sooner or later.
> ob
> > gyn told me that maybe my ovaries are sluggish from the anorexia and
> diabetes,
> > but I could still conceive possibly.  She said I'd be a high risk
> pregnancy.
> > Are all females with diabetes high risk?  Diabetes does
> as far as i understand, from reading and my mom (not diabetic, but a nurse
> who tries to keep reasonably up to date on a lot of medical stuff), type 1
> diabetic women are considered and treated as high risk pregnancies, but
> perfectly capable of healthy normal pregnancies.  they just have to be
> an eye on more than other pregnant women.
> i'm 28, female, still very very single (never married, once engaged, but
> that was back when i was much younger, and that broke off very quickly
> goodness!!!) and have yet to get pregnant.  course, i haven't even come
> close to anything that might lead to pregnancy in over 2 years... <G>  i
> wonder sometimes if i'll be able to have kids - guess i won't know until i
> actually try.
> liz - ottawa - way cold again.
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