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Re: [IP] Female stuff...

> Also, I just got engaged and may want to have a child sooner or later.  My
> gyn told me that maybe my ovaries are sluggish from the anorexia and
> but I could still conceive possibly.  She said I'd be a high risk
> Are all females with diabetes high risk?  Diabetes does

as far as i understand, from reading and my mom (not diabetic, but a nurse
who tries to keep reasonably up to date on a lot of medical stuff), type 1
diabetic women are considered and treated as high risk pregnancies, but are
perfectly capable of healthy normal pregnancies.  they just have to be kept
an eye on more than other pregnant women.

i'm 28, female, still very very single (never married, once engaged, but
that was back when i was much younger, and that broke off very quickly thank
goodness!!!) and have yet to get pregnant.  course, i haven't even come
close to anything that might lead to pregnancy in over 2 years... <G>  i do
wonder sometimes if i'll be able to have kids - guess i won't know until i
actually try.

liz - ottawa - way cold again.
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