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[IP] advantages/disadvantages of Quick Sets

> Hi, my daughter, Codi Lynn is 3 and using a paradigm with Quick sets.  I
> searching the minimed store and saw the sofsets.  Can anyone tell me any
> advantages/disadvantages to either?  I am not a big fan of the disconnect
> site on the quick set since everytime I have used it, I mess up the site
> somehow, plus we usually never disconnect.  We have had a lot of trouble
> with cannulas kinking and I am wondering if the sofset has less surface
> on the skin which may keep it more secure?!?
> I appreciate all of you, you have taught me more in the past couple of
> (since I joined this group) than any DE could teach me...Thanks!
I don't know, the soft$et Has a tail which takes all the abuse when
connecting and disconnecting. It does have a large sticky base and wings
which keep it attached. These are mostly for stabilization during removal of
the needle from the cannula Soft$ets are proprietary and only Minimed makes
them. When I first started pumping I used them out of sheer ignorance. Then
I got turned on to Sils which I still use. Sils, also known as Comforts or
Tenders are just that. They look quite intimidating but when inserted are
very comfortable and last for a long time. I have sometimes forgotten They
are in and consequently that I am pumping. they have a large base of
adhesive which keeps them in and immobile for days. Even in the Summer when
playing and bathing as well as swimming in high chlorine water or around
here, salt water, sand and other beach activities. Because they evoke so
little reaction from the host, they are very suitable for babies. Older
pumpers can show you how to use this good infusion set or watch the X rated
video on the IP site. spot
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