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[IP] re: feeling better on insulin

<<<On insulin, as you probably know, we only feel
that way a
few hours a day and I'm also interested in knowing if any of the damage
that I
have sustained so far might regress, such as circulation, nerve damage
and I
also have a little damage in my right eye. What about the sets??? does
pump seem to get in your way doing certain things? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I went through a weird thing when I first got on my pump.  I had a1c's from
10-13 before the pump.  I actually started pumping when I found out I had
aggressive retinopathy.  The docs warned me to SLOWLY bring my bg's under
control, because if not, the eyes can actually worsen.  I quickly brought my
a1c's down to a 6 and my whole body was a mess.  My eyes got so bad and I was
always in pain and my whole body felt like pins and needles (never felt this
way before the pump).  About a month later, it all stopped....no pain and my
eyes calmed down a bit.  And now because I do take such wonderful care of
myself (I am a normal weight and not too skinny anymore, I exercise
aerobically daily for 30 minutes, and eat grains, fruit, and all that good for
you stuff), I am healthier than most people I know.  I always am full of
healthy energy, my hair is shiny, etc.
This message is not to brag, rather to encourage those contemplating a pump or
those on the pump already and are waiting for some good things to happen to
Ashley in Missouri
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