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[IP] Female stuff...

I have had diabetes for 17 years (I am now 25).  In my teens, I ruined my
diabetes with severe anorexia (weighed 59 lbs at 19 years old!).  From the
terrible bg control back then, I have retinopathy (it is under control now,
but my vision is now 20/100 and 20/150 and not correctable with glasses).  I
also stopped having a period for about 5 years, but have never been regular in
the first place.  My a1c now is a 6 and I still get about 6 periods a year.
Has this happened to anyone here?
Also, I just got engaged and may want to have a child sooner or later.  My ob
gyn told me that maybe my ovaries are sluggish from the anorexia and diabetes,
but I could still conceive possibly.  She said I'd be a high risk pregnancy.
Are all females with diabetes high risk?  Diabetes does not run into my
family...I am the only lucky (he he) one.  For those in the same situation, do
your children have diabetes?
I feel so excluded from the female population because of this, and some advice
and support from others may help me not feel so alienated.
Thank you,
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