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Re: [IP] Re: 4mmol/L range (72-80mg/dL).

I have read and was told that the range to aim for was 70 - 120.   I don't
treat until I drop under 70, with the exception of driving which I always
make sure I am 90 or above.  I also correct to 100.  That said, I am
currently trying to get my A1C down from an 8.1 in November.   My life as a
consultant and then as a student has made a schedule that is hard to set
basals to.  Arghh...   Anyways, the past few weeks I have really clamped
down and am keeping my numbers much tighter.  So the 70-120 is a little more
realistic right now then it has in the past few months.

What also needs to be recognized is that the lab tests are also estimates
and YMMV on how your body and more specifically blood chemistry store the
information that is being tested.  I know some people tend to have A1Cs
lower then their average and others above.  In my case my numbers always
seem a little higher then expected even with testing often (12+/day).

To the person who got the 4.8 and was not seeing a lot of hypos...I
congratulate you!  I'm hoping that in my appointment in March I will be in
the 7s and hopefully sometime this year hit the 6s.  Lucky for me I have
regained my sensitivity to lows (<70) and test often enough to catch them.
It's the constant highs I had as a teenager that scare me now.  As my CDE
told me last week...diabetes is cruel because the punishment that comes from
being 'bad' can be miles down the road when you are being 'good'.  She
compared it to doing something wrong when you are 2 and getting the spanking
when you are 52.

-- Sherry
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