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[IP] Re: 4mmol/L range (72-80mg/dL).

> "Tricia Barbeau" <email @ redacted> wrote: No problems with
> hypoglycemia. Since I switched to MDI, my sugars have run in the low
> range (72-80mg/dL).
> - ----
> I was told not to be below 80 - in fact anything below 90 I was to take
> carbs of some form. At betime anything below 100 and I was to have a
> Who do you believe???

And do not drive less than 100. A BG can drop rapidly and that causes
problems for the driver as well as others on the road. There is nothing
wrong in striving for 100. Quality of life has to play in here as well.
Tricia, are you on MDI and telling us you went off the pump? If so, it's
working for you. How often do you test a day? Best of luck to you in this.

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