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[IP] doctors and insurance companies

>>>>>>>>>>>What racket? I am a physician and my daughter has diabetes. Please let 
me know what racket you are referring to so that I can get in on it 
too! :0
My daughter has had a 507 since 3/98, and I cannot get BC/BS to approve 
a new pump yet, since hers "still works". So, I too, am frustrated with 
the insurance companies. Especially since I recently read last years 
salaries of the CEO's of the top five insurance companies in the nation. 
The lowest paid was one million a year with a million dollar "bonus"!
Now that is a racket!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

tell me about it; believe it or not, when the insurance companies refuse to pay, doctors aren't
getting paid either. sometimes they manage to suck it out of the companies after a long fight, and
sometimes they just have to absorb the loss of providing services while not getting paid for them.
now where else in the world is it ok to do this?? especially since the insurance companies
themselves are charging an arm and a leg for malpractice insurance-- sometimes, even more than
doctors actually make. the companies aren't in this to help anyone, they're in it to make money
off of whoever they can. those CEOs have it made.

becky (dx'd 1/24/92 at age 10, pumping since 11/21/01)

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