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Re: [IP] feeling better on insulin (was no subject)

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.My hopes are 
with the steady flow of insulin and sugar control will give me a 
feeling of wellness. On insulin, as you probably know, we only feel 
that way a
few hours a day and I'm also interested in knowing if any of the damage 
that I
have sustained so far might regress, such as circulation, nerve damage 
and I
also have a little damage in my right eye. What about the sets??? does 
pump seem to get in your way doing certain things? >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

believe me, once you start pumping, you will be amazed by how different you feel. i had no idea
that i had been so tired for ten whole years! as for complications, i had some proliferative
retinopathy in my right eye that had messed up my vision, but got it lasered around the same time
i went on the pump. my vision is practically back to its normal farsighted self, and my eye doc
told me last week that we'd managed to stop the retinopathy in its tracks. your mileage may vary,
but i can say that going on the pump and learning to control your diabetes with it will do nothing
but good things for your well-being.

as for sets and whether it gets in the way, it did a little for me at first. i was always
forgetting to tuck the extra tubing in and it would get caught on things. but you learn quickly
how to move and act and live with it always on your person, just like you eventually learn not to
catch things on your wedding ring. now i hardly notice it at all. in fact, i'd feel kind of
strange without it!

becky =) (dx'd 1/24/92 at age 10, pumping since 11/21/01)

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