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Re: [IP] For all who are contemplating a pump...

>  thought I forgot my pump, well... it was tucked away in my bra.

heehee--This can happen.  It is easy to forget you have it on.
It was not on waist, or usuall pocket,  It was in  pocket of velcroed belt
thingey that was not on tight, had twisted to center back.
Then there are the times you get out of car, think, oh no, it came un clipped,
can't find it & it is swinging between your legs!
One morning, thought some big truck was backing up over a block away and thought
his back-up beeper was stuck.  It was abit louder in house, checked radio alarm
clocks and etc.  Well, when I loosened my heavy robe in BR, finally realized it
was me beeping. Boy, did I need cup of coffee #3 that day! Linda
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