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[IP] re: excercise thing - the joys of being diabetic

<Before exercise I was 130(I did take some correction bolus) then after 1/2 
hr of
weights, bs was 135, I was like huh?>

Tami, I just read in "Pumping Insulin" that while aerobic exercise lowers 
your blood
sugar and you need ex-carbs, along with reduced insulin doses, anaerobic 
(i.e., weight lifting) raises your blood sugar and you don't need the 
ex-carbs, at least

***I actually have the exact opposite of this happen.  When I do aerobic, my 
BGs go UP and when I do anaerobic..BGs tend to go down.  Why does this 
happen??  anyone know for sure??  I am still fighting with my BGs and basals 
and just can't seem to pinpoint what to do when!!!  And...why in the world do 
I have low after low while cleaning house on the weekend...when I can be at 
110, do aerobic excercise for an hour, then end up at 250!!!?? 

Lisa dxd age 15 - 01/92, pumping since 11/02
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