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Re: [IP] alleryg, any advice?

I am having the exact same problem and have tried different things as well 
(different combinations of tape, no tape...) I also have a prescription cream 
that isn't even strong enough.  I am at a loss here :o(  Again, any ideas 
would be greatly appreciated!!
           Diagnosed 8-13-93 (age 11)
           Pumping since 7-18-02 w/ my blue paradigm "Lancelot"

In a message dated 1/19/2003 7:43:24 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> keep getting these rashes where I have had my sets.  It's really tearing
> my skin up.  It is red, bumpy, and itches like crazy.  The area is bigger
> than the actual quickset, almost covering the entire area of where the tape
> was.  The trick is I have tried IV 3000 tape, a similar tape by Smith
> Nephew, and tegaderm.  I have tried iv prep and skin prep wipes before
> applying tape.  I have tried just the quickset with no tape.  I have tried
> using adhesive dissolve when taking the sets off.  I only leave sets in for
> 3 days.  I put neosporin on the area after taking the set out, and it heals
> after a while, but I'm hoping there's something I can do to avoid the
> problem entirely.  Any ideas?
> Julie
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