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[IP] Thank you very much for sharing 'Where You Wear'

Hi folks :)

If you read the posting about wearing pumps from head to foot,  you can tell I
received a lot of responses to my plea for information and they are still
coming in!!  Two to add to the list:  Change purses, and cellphone cases.  I
tried to respond personally to everyone who posted/emailed and I apologize if
I missed anyone.  THANK YOU!

For many people who are considering Insulin Pump Therapy, the question "Where
will I put it?" is near the top of the list just under ''How will it feel
being attached to something most/all of the time?"  I've been a member of IP
since 1998, and there were some ideas that I had never thought of.  Some
simple, some very inventive.  All of them will be of use to someone or another
at some time or another <g>

At our next pumpers meeting (which will be attended by a number of
pumpers-to-be) my husband and I will be wearing 8 pumps between the two of us.
These pumps are going to be made of styrofoam and it is going to be fun hiding
them using some of the ideas.  We have finally found a use for all the excess
tubing laying around the house!!  We will be attaching it to our 'faux' pumps
to add a little realism!!  We'll let the real pumpers who wear them on their
waistband show off the actual thing:)

Again, thanks for helping out.  When the webpage is finished, c/w links to
companies who sell accessories, I will post a link to it on the IPdigest and

Pump On!

many regards
Barb Chafe - Chair
Insulin Pumpers Canada - Nova Scotia Division
Mom to Erica, a Canadian Butterfly
Visit our insulin pumping website
via http://www.canadianbutterfly.ca
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