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[IP] alleryg, any advice?

I keep getting these rashes where I have had my sets.  It's really tearing
my skin up.  It is red, bumpy, and itches like crazy.  The area is bigger
than the actual quickset, almost covering the entire area of where the tape
was.  The trick is I have tried IV 3000 tape, a similar tape by Smith
Nephew, and tegaderm.  I have tried iv prep and skin prep wipes before
applying tape.  I have tried just the quickset with no tape.  I have tried
using adhesive dissolve when taking the sets off.  I only leave sets in for
3 days.  I put neosporin on the area after taking the set out, and it heals
after a while, but I'm hoping there's something I can do to avoid the
problem entirely.  Any ideas?
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