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Re: [IP] re:Ip insurance limite 4 a day

> I see it differently "we must remember that even though insurance doesn't
> cover 9 a day doesn't mean we can't get 9 a day".  I believe insurance
> cover preventative health care, period.  As regards my own personal
ability to
> purchase strips beyond what my own health insurance covers I am disabled
> my limited income per month doesn't enable me to buy extra accu-check
> In addition it is the absolutely exorbitant cost of medical supplies that
> often doesn't enable those who are disabled or dealing with illness to
> the cost.

I really agree with you about this.  We aren't exactly poor, but strips cost
about a dollar a piece.  If we start paying for, say, four strips a day,
that will average an extra $120 a month.  Exactly what is the purpose of the
monthly insurance premiums, anyway?    I don't think most people have that
kind of money laying around to spend twice in a month, once on insurance
premiums, and once again on stuff insurance SHOULD pay for.

Often, too, that insurance premium is a lot more than just that $120 I
mentioned.  There is a reason why we pay that, and it isn't to get socked
with extra medical bills.  Co-pays and premiums are high enough.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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