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Re: [IP] ClassInstall(0xc) end FURTHER VIRUS ADVISORY

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The "empty" message that was sent at 2:16 CST to the list today was 
more than likely another member who has been infected with a virus. 
Possibly it is the "BugBear", according to one of our vigilant Admins 
whose A-V program told what was sent to her.  Of course, every member 
was protected by a program that Michael runs on ALL mail that come 
through the List which strips out any virus attachments.  BUT, you 
CAN receive these viruses via direct communication from those already 
infected, or sometimes by mail that "spoofs" someone else's address 
and even the IP address.  PLEASE, Please, please have an Anti-Virus 
program running ALL the time.   Life is hard enough with diabetes and 
the viruses that infect humans.  We don't need to be e-mailing around 
without some sort of computer virus protection.  Michael can protect 
you from viruses coming through the list, but YOU have to protect 
yourself from all other mail.

George Lovelace
(who can't remember the last time I sent mail from my hotmail address)
for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: