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Re: [IP] Emla Cream

>>>   Apparently there's another product called Ela-Max that is over the
I believe. Might want to ask your pharmacist about it, as an alternative.>>>

I have seen it and it has different ingredients. My nephrologist never heard
of it. Since it has a different makeup, and neph always signs the Rx's for
*may substitute* I'd think the ins. co. would have jumped on that one to
save them some big buck$ (I got 5 tubes at a time @$60 ea. my copay was
$60). I'm very leary about trying it. As stated, it's so stressful for me as
it is - trying a different product is adding more stress. Thanks for the

And Pat B. wrote:
>>>If I had some I would send some to you in a minute as I think you are
Hope you find some!!>>>

See the tagline. ;)

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